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"We are delighted that K S Oils has chosen Singapore as its home outside of India".

Mr. Quek Swee Kuan,
Managing Director,


Why Singapore

A multinational agri-trading company, KSNR has strategically chosen its international headquarters in Singapore. It serves as a three pronged base - a trading hub, an interface to our expanding operations in Indonesia and Malaysia, and a key strategic connector to vast markets of China and the Indian sub-continent.

In Singapore, KSNR benefits from diverse capital and commodity markets and cutting-edge financial services. We are the first Indian agri-company to be granted the International Headquarters (IHQ) status in Singapore by the Economic and Development Board (EDB). Strategic partnerships with banks and logistics companies have further strengthened our operations in Asia.

We have teamed up with the National University of Singapore (NUS), a research-intensive university with an entrepreneurial dimension, which is ranked consistently among the world's top universities. This has given us access to the world's best research and development facilities.

Singapore has one of the most productive and talented work force pools in the business world. It attracts professionals from across the globe, creating intellectual and knowledge competitiveness. The Singaporean government's focus on quality and efficiency, improving living standards and egalitarian development is shared by KSNR. We have built on the unique resources and shared values available in Singapore to develop a world class agri-company.