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Science is sowing the field for growth

Our R&D led farm initiatives ensure scientific approach to cultivation and yield improvement

Global citizens practicing responsible businesses

Our sustainable palm plantations support socio-economic upliftment of locals

Derisking business operations in international trade

Our Risk Management division helps mitigate risk in international agri-trade through research

Building Agri Supply Chain Efficiencies

Our backend integration model is helping create a
food security net for consumers in Asia


Enhancing Efficiencies

KS Natural Resources Pte Limited (KSNR), Singapore is a dynamic and growing integrated agri ­ business player with a key focus on the Asia ­ Pacific region.

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Integrated Businesses

Our business is built on an integrated oil seed value chain model, capturing value within the complete agri-commodity cycle ­ plantations, processing, trading and transportation

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Our Commitment

sustainability report

We are committed to sustainable development of palm plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia ensuring socio-economic development of locals.

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